Thermal Comfort

Container Air Conditioning Seating Area-Box Park

Location: Doha, Qatar

Brief Summary

As a the indoor thermal comfort gets more demanding than before, a Seating Container Project in Qatar with approximate area 118 m² and contains 88 sitting chairs is proposed to be for Seating. The Cooling system (HVAC) is applied via Package Unit to cover whole area. With its special specifications, NabtakerEngineering had been retained to investigate the HVAC System performance inside it by using CFD Analysis.

Scope of Work

To simulate the proposed area investigate if the proposed HVAC System (Supply& Return) complies with the requirements of ASHRAE 55 Standard or not. Recommendation shall be given if the initial design was not met.

Parameters to be Studied

Inside Temperature / Air Velocity at level of Human (Standing/Sitting) / Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) / Predicted Percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) / Standard Effective Temperature (SET).