Suppliers & Contractors

Supplying an engineering product and install it is not a one stage process. It is a continuous process that requires and needs a well understanding to the need first, then reflect that on the application area.

In NabtakerEngineering, we utilize and conduct CFD Simulation Analysis to provide any supplier/contractor (or both together) the ability to prove and justify the performance of the engineering solution they propose.

We provide a well established CFD Models, that can show how the product they provide or process they conduct meets the project’s specifications.

What We Provide For Suppliers and Contractors:

1- Confirming Design Criteria (Flow Rate, Temperature, Pressure Drop..etc) (See Example)

2- Confirming Equipment’s Optimum Condition (Quantity, Orientation, Location..etc) (See Example)

3- Confirming System’s Outcome (Thermal comfort, Fire Smoke Management/Control..etc) (See Example)