Our Receipt

In NabtakerEngineering we build a different level of CFD Analysis Services that putting us step ahead in the field. Year by year and project by project our ability to deliver a leading edge simulation services increases. This happens due to:

1- We have the Expertise: A strong expertise to conduct CFD analysis we have. Starting from a solid scientific knowledge about the fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and ending of a practical training in a wide range of CFD Models and applications.

2- We Build the Experience:  Successfully we’ve completed similar cases and projects year by year. It means, your case or problem sounds familiar to us.

3- We Do Only CFD: This is our field. NabtakerEngineering is a company that provides only CFD Services. We are focused and dedicated. Our main role is to provide the best CFD Analysis and leave such works (Design/BIM/Drawings/Calculations..etc.) for the others.

4- We Do it Fast: As we focused and have the experience and expertise, you can imagine how fast we can provide our services. Additionally, we depend on hardware services based on cloud solutions, which give us the ability to meet our client’s deadlines and sometimes being farther than their expectations.