Our Best

Practical Solutions – Multiple Runs – Fast Delivery

In NabtakerEngineering we build a different level of CFD Simulation Services that put us step ahead in the market. Year by year and project by project our ability to deliver the BEST CFD Simulation Services increases. Our Best comes from:

We Provide Practical Solution. CFD is more than colors. It is a virtual testing tool that has to provide practical solutions. To do so; Expertise and Experience must be available. Regarding the Expertise, it has been gained by scientific knowledge about fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and a wide range of CFD models and applications practical training. On the other hand, and by completing many projects and cases successfully; our Experience has been accumulated and built. In few words, your case and problem sound familiar to us.

We Provide Multiple Run of Simulation. To ensure that the best of CFD is gained and taken; our offers are always including multiple runs of simulation. By doing that we aim to make sure that our customers will get a wide range of engineering options and alternatives, till they reach to the most feasible and optimum solutions.

We Deliver the Results Fast. Time is everything and CFD does not take time anymore. As long as we have the required experience to set clear objectives with our customer then building suitable strategies (modellings) to meet these setting objectives; time here will tend to be irrelevant. Moreover, we utilize cloud solution tools, for running CFD models as fast as any traditional supercomputer cannot do. Modern cloud solutions give us the ability to meet any tight submission schedule, by using tens of cloud core machines with unlimited number of running cases at the same time.