CFD Specialists

How Do We Help Our Customers?

Companies are always looking for ways to improve products/systems before going to market. “Simulation” such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a valuable tool to address all design challenges in order to get the optimum.

What we provide by CFD Simulation Analysis; is a clear image “at early stage” for how the proposed product/system preforms. Therefore; eliminating/reducing reworksneed for costly physical prototypes and development costs.


Our Clients

“Even with a small project (one Auditorium); CFD results show that the HVAC System needs to be enhanced in order to meet thermal comfort requirements (ASHRAE55)…CFD is a valuable tool”

Homoud Al Hajri
Section Head of Mechanical, Facilities and General Services Department, Qatar University

“The most important thing we gain when we deal with NabtakerEngineering is their support. Additional to the solid technical advice, their cooperative support let you feel they are part of your team rather than they a contractor.”

Ravi V. Mehta
Deputy Area Manger of Leminar Global Distribution & Services