Manufacturers/ End Users

Everyday millions of Dollars are going to be spent to execute landmark projects or produce outstanding products in all over the world. The worst thing could be happen; is getting a final poor product with low performance in the end..!!

To avoid that, a proper procedure must be taken during design and execution stages. Getting a well technical recommendation and proper advice during design stage; will lead to avoid any unexpected results or low efficiency and performance.

CFD Analysis is one of the effective and valuable tool to be used to verify and validate any product/process at early stage.

What We provide for Manufacturers and End Users:

1- Confirming Design Criteria (Flow Rate, Temperature Difference, Pressure Drop..etc) (See Example)

2- Confirming Equipment Condition (Exact Quantity, Right Orientation, Suitable Location..etc) (See Example)

3- Confirming Whole System’s Results (Thermal Comfort, Fire Smoke Management/Control..etc) (See Example)