Consulting and Engineering Offices

What any Engineering & Consultancy Office aims to do; is finding a proper/effective/efficient solution for the engineering problem they work on.

CFD Simulation is a flexible and valuable tool, which gives any engineer/architect the ability to verify/validate and give liability for the engineering design he/she proposes.

Additionally, letting CFD Analysis to be part of the technical specification of any project; where analytical calculation can not confirm the final results, is a proper technical and contractual step to make sure reaching and meeting the requirement design criteria, and avoid any possibility to have a failure later on.

What We Provide for Engineers in Consulting & Engineering Offices:

1- Confirming the Initial Design Criteria (Temperature, Velocity, Humidity, Pressure..etc) (See Example)

2- Confirming the Mechanical Equipment Optimum Condition (Quantity, Orientation, Location..etc) (See Example)

3- Confirming System’s Outcome (Thermal comfort, Fire Smoke Management/Control..etc) (See Example)

4- Giving liability to the Design Outcomes (HVAC Equipment performance)

5- Confirming System’s Performance (Outdoor Temperature, Wind Speed) (See Example)