Consulting and Engineering Offices

What any Engineering & Consultancy Office aims to do; is finding a proper/effective/efficient solution for the engineering problem they work on.

CFD Simulation is a flexible and valuable tool, which gives any engineer the ability to verify/validate and give the liability for the engineering approach that are going to be applied or used.

Additionally, letting CFD Analysis to be part of the technical specification of any project; where analytical calculation could not confirm the final results, is a proper technical and contractual action to increase the possibility to reach and meet the requirement design criteria and avoid any possibility to have a failure later on when execution works is over.

What We Provide for Engineers in Consulting & Engineering Offices:

1- Confirming the Initial Design Criteria (Temperature, Velocity, Humidity, Pressure..etc) (See Example)

2- Confirming the Mechanical Equipment Optimum Condition (Quantity, Orientation, Location..etc) (See Example)

3- Confirming System’s Outcome (Thermal comfort, Fire Smoke Management/Control..etc) (See Example)

4- Giving liability to the Design Outcomes (HVAC Equipment performance)

5- Confirming System’s Performance (Outdoor Temperature, Wind Speed) (See Example)